NEW Kick

Quick kick ingame.

Description Edit

The quick kick is accessible anytime and triggered by the 'Secondary Fire' key. This will make Sean put the gun away for a moment and deliver a kick; this action can be repeated. It is useful for the occasions when something should be activated by an attack (switches, decorations, etc.), and the player does not want to waste ammo.

Unfortunately, the engine limitations don't allow kicking and shooting at exactly the same time.

Info Edit

  • Slot: All
  • Type: Hitscan
  • Ammo: Not needed
  • Damage: 2x1d10 (2 - 20) HP

Notes Edit

  • The following weapons have quick kick as their alternate attack:
  • Alien Gun and Battle Suit also have alternate melee attacks, but their mechanics are completely different
  • When trying to perform quick kick while operating the Submarine Turret, Sean will remark that the weapon is too heavy

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