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Ingame sprite.


Nigel's close-up.

Overview Edit

  • Full Name: Nigel Bruckheimer
  • Race: Human, Caucasian
  • Age: 58
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6' (1,83 m)
  • Weight: 177.2 lbs

Physical Description Edit

Blue eyes, perfect set of hair. Nigel is tall, muscular and overall looking 10-15 years younger his age. Sports a casual military semi-buzzcut. Considered attractive even for his age (late 50s), akin to Sean Connery and Anthony Hopkins.

Family/Friends Edit

Background Story Edit

Son of Klaus and Jessica Bruckheimer; Papa Seawolf and human form of an English man'o'war with German quality. Like most of the boys in the neighborhood, Nigel always wanted to be a soldier. By 2024 he is a former Royal Marines Colonel (Special Boat Service, M Squadron), employed by the NBCU. Once he was serving at a Ukrainian ship, and one of the sailors was constantly calling him 'Batya'. Later Nigel has learned that it means 'Daddy' in Russian and adopted this as his nickname. Some time later he thought he'll drown and die in a nuclear submarine, but by pure miracle Nigel and his crew were able to prevent the detonation of damaged warheads and their burial under the hull falling apart. Turned out all of that happened because of an uncharted WWII-era minefield. This episode convinced Nigel to start speaking against conventional warfare and pro stopping all wars in the world, so people like him would finally have their rest, and all the young men would stop dying on the killing fields. Also, constantly preaches the idea of friendship between nations, considering politics a pile of bloody lies. Was married at some point, but later divorced. His wife loved the sea, but their relationships give both only headache, without much satisfaction at all. Nigel himself is not a demanding person. Hearing 'Sir, mission accomplished, sir!' is just fine enough for him to be happy about what he's doing. He also won't resist taking a cigar on a pleasant evening - and when he's nervous, he pretty much can smoke anything that has a filter. He doesn't mind alcohol when not on duty, but still prefers the Lipton green tea as a trait of patriotism.

Occupation Edit

NBCU Colonel and Sean's direct superior during the majority of the latter's career, including the Oberon-1 operation, transferred from the Royal Marines to NBCU, called in to assist as a backup.

Talents Edit

Provides the majority of direct briefings, with Svetlana's assistance. An expert in weapons and equipment. Also, provides some advice on the game itself by breaking the 4th wall.

Weaknesses/Fears/etc. Edit

Boredom, failing at his commander skills, being nowhere near to help the inexperienced subordinates facing a terminal threat. Also, holds a disappointed grudge at Sean for choosing all the wrong ways to cope with his (Sean's) widowhood.

Misc. Edit

His last name and his mother's full name are references to Jerry Bruckheimer.