MAP03 map

MAP03 layout.

WARNING: Some of the information provided may contain spoilers or solutions on how to advance. Proceed at your own risk.

Story So Far Edit

Sean is at the engineering deck. He should try to find a way to escape the Oberon-1 utility tower and head towards the main facility where Natasha and the other survivors await...

Objectives Edit

  • Speak to Natasha using a service terminal in the infirmary area;
  • Reboot the three communication relays;
  • Board the bathyscaphe ready to take off;

Protips Edit

  • The best route is not the straightforward one;
  • Look for hidden switches - there's at least two of them that will help you dramatically;

Music Edit

Temple of the Ethereal / Temple_Of_The_Ethereal.s3m by Necros

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