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Jugulator sprite.


Jugulator ingame.

Brief Description Edit

Apparently, these are mutated creatures operation the 'SharkBoy' heavy underwater suits. Nothing is evident from their appearance, and their main weapon is a deformed tentacle that spits out explosive arrows or drains out Sean's health when in close range. Their main disadvantage is low speed and overall bulkiness.

Characteristics Edit

  • Health: 4000 HP
  • Speed: 3
  • Attack Type: Melee, Projectile
  • Melee Attack Strength: 1 - 10 HP per sting
  • Projectile Attack Strength: 128 HP per shot + shockwave
  • Item Drop: Harpoon Gun
  • First Encounter: MAP09: No Tolerance (as a mini-boss; appears as a regular enemy afterwards)

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